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“I truly love the Doctor at Bonds eye care, she is patient, and thorough. Recently I had an encounter with Dr. Bonds, we weren’t even at her office, as we were talking, she noticed that my eye glasses were tilted a bit, I explained to her that one of my nose pads fell off. She said in order for me to get the most out of my glasses I needed them to fit perfectly on my face. She then asked me if I had time to go to her office ( we were out in the community when we had this exchange, this happened on Memorial day) so she could put a new nose pad on them. I couldn’t believe she was willing to go in on her day off to help me. I jumped at the opportunity to have them fixed, and went to her office. She put new nose pads on them, cleaned them, adjusted them on my face, and gave me a small complementary bottle of eye glass cleaner. I was so overwhelmed by her kindness and willingness to help me. I really do love the staff at this place.” -J. Scott