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Why Ortho-K is Awesome!

Orthokeratology, often referred to as ortho-k, is a non-surgical method for temporarily reshaping the cornea of the eye using specially designed lenses. There are several reasons why orthokeratology is a great way to correct your vision.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Proper Contact Lens Care

When it comes to vision correction, contact lenses are an excellent alternative to traditional eyeglasses. Not only do they offer a more natural appearance, but they also provide clearer vision and a broader field of view.

Exploring the Latest Advancements in Myopia Control

For years, myopia control has been a significant focus in the field of optometry. It refers to the use of specific treatments to slow the progression of nearsightedness in children. By controlling the progression of myopia, we can prevent these severe eye health issues from occurring.

Ortho-K Lenses: Everything You Need to Know 

Ortho-K lenses are special lenses designed to correct blurred vision. They work by temporarily reshaping the cornea—the front surface of your eye—while you sleep.