Eyes: 40+ years old


Almost everyone over 40 needs progressive lenses, bifocals, or reading glasses. This is called presbyopia, and we all experience this eventually. Presbyopia is the natural process of the lens inside the eye becoming less flexible, and therefore not able to focus easily.  It starts around age 40 and gradually worsens until age 65. Presbyopia cannot be stopped or reversed.

Symptoms of presbyopia (needing bifocals) include…

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Blurred vision when reading

  • Computer eye strain

  • Dry Eyes

  • Irritated eyes

  • Red Eyes

  • Difficulty maintaining concentration 

  • Tired eyes

  • Fluctuating vision

  • Headaches

  • Aching Eyes

  • Eyes crossing or feeling crossed

  • Mixing up numbers

It certainly can be inconvenient and frustrating! In fact, many of our new patients suffer from these symptoms even though they have glasses that are supposed to relieve them! Luckily, Bonds Eye Care excels in correcting these problems.

The purpose of our treatment is to give your eyes what they need to fix the inability to focus on surrounding objects. We pay very special attention to EVERY detail…

  1. We listen to all of your concerns without rushing you. We discuss your vision experience in detail.

  2. The doctor will perform very precise testing to accurately measure your prescription.

  3. Our licensed optician will make sure that your frame fits properly to make sure the vision will be optimal.

  4. The optician will take very precise measurements to ensure your glasses are naturally clear and easy to use. 


More about our Licensed Optician

Many states require opticians to maintain a license to fit eyeglasses. This ensures that the optician continues to pursue up-to-date education about eyewear and vision. Pennsylvania does not require a license, but Bonds Eye Care strongly believes in the importance of the highest level of education. Jeff, our optician, maintains a license to work with eyewear even though it is not required in PA. He attends classes annually to enhance his knowledge. Many years of experience and the latest education set Bonds Eye Care apart from the places that just hand you eyeglasses and hope they work for you. 

Do you need progressive lenses? Are you having difficulty focusing? Do you have glasses that aren’t helping much? No luck at other places?   …Reach out to us! We can help!