Need glasses that fit a specific task in your life? Here are a few options we offer to accommodate your lifestyle…

Indoor and outdoor activities

Transition Lenses: Today’s technology brings the most effective transition lenses ever. They remain clear indoors and darken when you go outside to provide excellent sun protection. These lenses are perfect if you want ample sun protection and the convenience of using one pair of glasses.

Outdoor activities

Polarized Sun Lenses: These are top-quality sunglass lenses that shield your eyes from bright sunlight, protect against harmfull UV rays,  and reduce annoying glare. When you look through polarized lenses, you will be amazed by how clear and comfortable your vision is. Great for sports, fishing, boating, driving, and many other outdoor activities!

Computer work

Computer Progressives: Have you ever had a neck ache because you had to tilt your head back just to see your computer screen comfortably? Computer progressive lenses are an excellent option! With these lenses, you can look through the lenses without tilting your head and see the computer with great clarity. Then, by lowering your eyes, you can see your keyboard and paperwork clearly.